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The Adopt-a-Street program reduces the number of streets that rely on city resources for maintenance. When businesses and individuals assume the responsibility of maintaining specific streets within the city, not only do they free up city resources, but they help create colorful and creative green spaces throughout our city.

Currently, more than 100 miles of city streets are litter free thanks to over 100 groups and individuals who have adopted these public roadways—about one mile per group. With an excess of 170,000 people in the city, it would be easy for the remaining 805 miles of city-maintained roads to become just as litter free. Removing litter before it reaches the city storm system also reduces the amount of storm water runoff pollution, thus keeping our wetlands, lakes and rivers cleaner.

How it works

All that is really needed to adopt a street is some of your time and the willingness to collect litter on an adopted street a minimum of twelve times a year (more if you want). Everything else is provided free of charge: litter tongs, trash bags, safety shirts, training, and the pickup and disposal of collected trash. All you have to do is to pick up the litter.

Who can adopt a street?

  • Businesses: set the example and either individually or collectively adopt the street in front of your business
  • Churches: encourage your congregation and youth group to adopt the street that runs in front of your church
  • Civic and other community organizations: publicize the good works of your organization by adopting a mile of street
  • Homeowner associations: adopt the street(s) around the perimeter of your communities
  • Homeowners: take care of the community like you take care of your property, adopt the street in front of your home. (Enlist your neighbors to join you by forming a neighborhood group.)
  • Joggers and walkers: incorporate some bending and stooping exercises in your routine, and adopt the streets where you run
  • Schools: sponsor a student group to keep your school grounds and surrounding roads litter free

In addition to helping Port St. Lucie become litter free, your group will be recognized with a sign that provides your group's name posted in both directions of your adopted street.
See some pictures of our groups in action

How to join

To sign up for the Adopt-a-Street program, contact the Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful Committee,; the Public Works Department, (772) 873-6312; or follow the links below for further information or an application.

Resources for our volunteers

Here are some things you'll need in connection with your clean-up efforts:


Recycle Cell Phones

Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful has partnered with Call2Recycle since 2006 to collect cell phones and rechargeable batteries. The Call2recycle company sends us empty boxes and once the boxes are full we ship them back to the company for recycling. There is no charge to KPSLB. It is convenient for the employees and the residents to recycle phones and rechargeable batteries year round. KPSLB places recycling boxes at several City locations.


January 2016 to November 2016
Collected: 58 Lbs. batteries, 22 cell phones

January 2006 to November 2016
Collected: 794 Lbs. batteries, 138 cell phones

Drop off locations:

  • City Hall, Building A, 121 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd., Port St. Lucie, FL 34984
  • City Hall Building B, Public Works Department, 121 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd., Port St. Lucie, FL 34984
  • Community Center at 2195 SE Airoso Blvd., Port St. Lucie, FL 34984

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