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Single stream recycling

Watch video to learn more about
Single Stream Recycling

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Port St. Lucie residents can now recycle with ease since single single stream recycling began on May 1, 2014. All of your recyclables go in one cart, not two separate bins.

After May 1, 2014, please start using your new 64-gallon recycling cart instead of your old blue and green recycling bins.

Single stream recycling refers to a system in which both the collection and processing systems are designed to handle all recyclables such as paper, plastics, metals and other containers. This streamline process will reduce the carbon footprint and help maintain a clean and healthy environment.

This exciting new program is the result of the efforts of the City of Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County and Waste Pro working together to reduce costs and increase revenue through the added participation in recycling.

As part of this program, solid waste and recycling rates for Port St. Lucie residents are locked in through fiscal year 2019/2020. Residents currently pay $22.36 per month for trash pickup twice a week, recycling pickup once a week and yard waste pickup once a week. That rate for those services including single stream recycling will remain through 2020.

How to prepare recyclables and use your new carts

Watch video to learn how to prepare recyclables for single stream recycling
2 minutes, 15 seconds

In March and April 2014, Waste Pro delivered a new 64-gallon recycling cart to each household. Residents are reminded to use this cart in place of the blue and green bins beginning May 1.

All household recyclables will conveniently go into one cart: there is no need to sort items.

The new cart is also equipped with an attached lid. The lid will keep loose items contained and prevent them from blowing out of the cart creating litter on your street.

Before placing recyclables in bins, empty and rinse containers, pie plates and aluminum foil; otherwise, these items will become breeding grounds for bacteria and cannot be recycled after pick-up.

Place the cart with the lid opening facing the road. Please make sure it is at least 5 feet away from the mailbox to allow the automated arm of the truck to access the cart.

If you have not received your new recycling cart, please contact Waste Pro at (772) 595-9390.

Use your cart to recycle the following items:

Glass bottles and jars

Aluminum cans

Steel cans (tin cans)

Empty aerosol cans

Drink boxes

Milk and juice cartons

Aluminum pie plates

Aluminum foil

Rigid plastic containers

Newspapers and inserts

Phone books



Paperboard boxes (cereal, cookie boxes, tissue boxes, etc.)

Cardboard boxes (must be flattened and cut to fit into bin)

Brown paper grocery bags

Added recyclable items

Not only is single stream recycling easy and convenient, but even more items can be recycled, including the following:

  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Metal lids
  • Metal toys
  • Cookie sheets
  • Manual can openers

Hazardous waste and electronic waste (e-waste)

Household hazardous waste cannot be picked up with regular household garbage, but can be disposed of in two ways: either through the city's yearly Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day or at the St. Lucie County Bailing and Recycling Facility. Get details.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste), such as computers, TVs, etc. can be scheduled for a special pickup by Waste Pro and delivered to the landfill as hazardous waste. Get details.

Still have questions or want to recycle more?

We have answers to some frequently asked questions about single stream recycling.

Single stream recycling can be just the beginning of your effort to reduce the amount of solid waste that is delivered to the landfill. The City of Port St. Lucie understands the tremendous impact on the environment when every resident joins in the effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We have created a detailed guide to recycling that will help you in your efforts.

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For more information or questions regarding single stream recycling, contact:
Waste Pro
(772) 595-9390

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