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Procurement Management
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Doing Business With the City of Port St. Lucie


The City of Port St. Lucie Procurement Management Department (PMD) is responsible for the annual procurement of commodities, equipment, professional and construction services necessary for the operation of the city. 


The Procurement Management Department provides a purchasing system that ensures integrity and fairness, with centralized responsibility for solicitation, contract, vendor selection, negotiation, contract management, surplus property, and emergency logistical support for the benefit of the City of Port Saint Lucie and its citizens. 

Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I do business with the city?

By becoming a registered vendor with you will be notified of request for quotes for goods and services greater than $1,000 up to $25,000 and formal bid notification for items greater than $25,000.

Q. How do I become a registered vendor?

Sign up with DemandStar by Onvia by calling (800) 711-1712 or sign up online at their website

Q. Is there a fee?

No, if you choose the city only however, there is a low yearly fee depending on the number of entities you want to receive bid notices from. You can choose the County, school board, fire district, Ft. Pierce, the city, the entire state or the entire country.

Q. What information will I receive for my money?

  • Notification by e-mail of all formal bid opportunities (those greater than $25,000)
  • Request for quotes by email of all informal bids (greater than $1,000)
  • Current list of bids and quotes
  • View invitations to bid
  • Request for proposals
  • Request for bids
  • Bid tabulations
  • Current award recommendations

Q. Do I have any other options?

  • You can find a list of the formal bids posted in the lobby in Building A of the City Hall complex
  • A list of formal and non-formal bids is published on the city’s website, under PSL Current Bid list.
  • You can always call our office and we can print you a current bid listing, telephone number is (772) 871-5223
  • You may have access to a computer from our office or any public library

Q. How much business does the city have?

Each year the City spends in excess of 100 million dollars for goods and services.

Q. How often do the contracts become available?

The time periods vary on individual contracts. Contracts for commodities or goods have the shortest time span to ensure a competitive price. These include chemicals, pipe, stationary, and office supplies that are generally a two-year contract or a one-year with a renewal option for another year. Contracts for services can be as long as 10 years but are usually written for two to five years, and include renewal options. These include janitorial, mowing and fleet maintenance.

Q. How do I know when these contracts are available?

That is the positive aspect of being a registered vendor. You will automatically be sent an email broadcast every time the city request a quote or bid for the commodity or service you selected on the registration. You can search through all contracts here.

Q. I am a small business and would like jobs under $1000. Is that possible?

You may contact our office for information on departments that use your products or services.

The goal of the Procurement Management Department is to protect the monetary assets of the taxpayer. To accomplish this, the city must maintain an active and competitive vendor source. Our office intends to provide quick and easy vendor information to serve all city departments.

Q. How do I receive payment?

When an order is placed you will be given either a Purchase Order number or a Visa Account number. The city is not obligated for any purchase that is requested without a Purchase Order number or a Visa Account number. This number must be included on the invoice or receipt to receive payment. Payment by Purchase Order is net 30 days. Payment by Visa may be within the same day.

Other resources on our website

Information available includes our current contracts, bids, quotes, vendor manual, and purchasing terms and conditions.

Contact us if you have any questions

Procurement Secretaries (772) 871-5223
Shelby Reisinger (772) 873-6338
Gina Jolly (772) 344-4055
Robyn Holder (772) 344-4293
Brenda Leo (772) 871-5222
Sherri Hawes (772) 871-5221
Cheryl Shanaberger (772) 871-7390
Karen Rodgers/Visa (772) 344-4384

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