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Volunteer Program
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Volunteer Victories

"Volunteer Victories" is a video series showcasing our volunteers amazing contributions to the city.

3rd Quarter 2014

Marie Richey, Civic Center; Maryanne Perceschi, Human Resources; Jabriyl Cooper, Minsky Gym; and Roy Slocum, Saints Golf Course.

4th Quarter 2014

Pauline Cunningham, Civic Center; Mike Ferrara, Special Events; Paul Dunckley, Minsky Gym; and Herman Santa, Saints Golf Course.

2nd Quarter 2014

Featuring Kathy Wilhelmy, Civic Center
and Michael Cooper, Minsky Gym.

1st Quarter 2014

Featuring Marguerite Gallo, Building
Department; Jan Moeller, Civic Center; Madison Quinones and Community Center;
Doug Kent, Minsky Gym.

4th Quarter 2013

Featuring Brian Newby, Building Department; Bob Matthews, Civic Center; Donald White, Community Center; Stephen Catalano, Minsky Gym and Ray Jackson, Saints Golf Course.

3rd Quarter 2013

Featuring Angilla Elliott-Jones and Shirley Sanford, Building Department; Patricia Sullivan, Civic Center; Michael Simkins, Community Center, and Tony George, Saints Golf Courses.

May 2013

Featuring Dennis McCallum, Building Department; Barbara Santek, Civic Center; Valerie Cipriani, Minsky Gym; and Frank Kohanski, Saints Golf Course.

August 2013

High School Student Volunteers.

April 2013

Centennial High School Students
adopt McChesney Park

March 2013

Featuring Pam Vandermark, Civic Center; Aleeyah Jones, Community Center;
Sonia Bacon, Minsky Gym; and
Larry Creighton, Saints Golf Course.

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